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Our Shopping Cart Software Processes Credit Cards In Real-Time

If you are an online shopper you may have noticed that when you use some shopping cart systems you might have noticed that there is quite a delay for your credit or debit card to charged. While this even happens at some 'brick-and-mortar' establishments is should not happen with your online store. The reason for this is that the credit or debit cards are not actually processed as the transaction happens, or in real- time. This might lead to complications when the customer is over their credit card limit, or they exceed the their balance on their debit card, or when some type of fraud is involved.

Using our shopping cart software all credit and debit card payments are processed immediately in real-time. Real-time credit card processing can be integrated with over twenty payment gateways that our software is compatible with. Quick Commerce Cart software is compatible with all other the major gateways such as Authorize.Net, LinkPoint, Plug 'n Pay, and Verisign. This level of compatibility is important because it allows you to be flexible in choosing and using a payment gateway that you may already have or want to use.

If you do not already have a payment gateway sign up with any of these gateway services to enable the real-time credit card and debit card processing. A list of compatible gateways can be found on our Credit Card Gateways page. Integration is easy, simply input your gateway login information into the cart and no additional programming is required. If you don't see the gateway you use, we can add certain gateways on request. When selecting the shopping cart software that you want to use make sure that it is compatible with your payment gateway. Quick Commerce Cart is one of the most flexible and compatible software packages available.