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QCCart Supports Real-time Shipping Charges For FedEx

FedEx is best known for reliable next day deliveries. Their catch phrase 'absolutely, positively' reflects FedEx's commitment to getting packages to any location before or on the time that the delivery is supposed to be made.

Depending on what products you normally ship, the option to use FedEx will be expensive and your most cost effective shipping will be through the USPS. However, some customers will want, or need to have these items as soon as possible by next day shipping. In fact some products absolutely require that they be delivered the next day. Perishable material and time sensitive products usually need to get to their destination as quickly as possible and FedEx can do that.

QCCart shopping cart software makes using FedEx easy to use and implement. Your customers will get the most current rates for shipping receiving your products via FedEx when they use your shopping cart. By offering your customers the ability to choose FedEx or any of the other major delivery carriers gives your business a more professional look and makes using your products more satisfying.